I. Face the facts and spread the word

Are we on track to achieve gender equality? Take the equality quiz and face the facts.

II. Start the conversation

In order to ensure full gender equality, we need to start in our own backyard. We encourage you to bring up the topic of gender equality with your family, friends and colleagues. It can be around the dinner table with your family, during lunchtime with your colleagues, or with friends. Here are some suggestions to how you can activity your group:

  • Arrange a Skype-date with friends where you discuss equality! What are their experiences? Invite them to take the Equality Quiz, and to have a chat about it afterwards.
  • Make a Kahoot about equality! Maybe you could propose this to your school teacher or supervisor at office? A Kahoot is engaging, and allows you to include questions about equality in your country or on a specific topic.
  • Bring up the topic of gender equality around the dinner table! Maybe you could ask your parents or grandparents to tell you about the status of gender equality when they were young? And then you could of course share some facts about gender equality nowadays with them.

III. Get engaged – act for equality

There are many ways in which you as an individual can get engaged – either online or offline. Here are some suggestions:

  • Become a social media activist. That might sound a bit scary. But a social media activist could really just be a person who shares information and facts about equality on their social platforms. Get some inspiration here or here.
  • Get engaged in your local community. No country is on track to achieve gender equality by 2030. That means that your local community is a good place to start. Do some research about what kind of organisations exist and what they do. If there’s none, maybe you can start your own initiative?
  • Challenge the decision makers in your community. Start by challenging them to take the Equality Quiz! Be vocal in your local newspaper! Write an article or statement about a specific topic you are interested in, and which are relevant for your community, and share with the local newspaper.

II. Knowledge is power – Dig deeper

Knowledge is indeed power, but moreover, it’s essential to face and know the facts in order to take action. Here are some useful resources so that you can dig deeper into equality worldwide.

UN Women

Norwegian government

Other relevant reports and figures

Know your rights

Thank you for taking action!